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Christian June 5, 2003 06:31

UDF Source Term

I created a tangential source term by an udf for a axissymmetric swirl, and the quality of the streamfield is what I expected, but the the quantity of velocity is much to high. The Units of the source term i already checked... and now I have no idea what to do, is it nessescary to implement the Volumes of the cells, or weigth in the udf.... because i dont know how exact fluent handles with the source term in the momentum equations?

If anybody knows something about that ... please tell me.

Regards, Christian.

alexandre June 5, 2003 07:08

Re: UDF Source Term
The source terms are normally related to 1m -> unit should be kg/ms for the mass for example.

Alamgir June 5, 2003 22:00

Re: UDF Source Term
Does the new source term replace the previous one or add or substract... ??? Anyone can help us?

Hi Christian, check the direction or sign of every terms.



ap June 8, 2003 17:14

Re: UDF Source Term
A source term has to be referred to the unit volume (1 m^3) and is added or subtracted (it depends on its sign) to the standard equation implemented by FLUENT.



shshiva17 August 1, 2009 05:53

can u send that swirl udf file....i will checj\k ,,,i will the wat is the prob in ur code.........send to me...

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