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Pat June 15, 2003 17:36

Display Error

I'm running Fluent 6.1 on an XP machine, and I keep getting an error message whenever I try to display anything.

Error: Floating point error: divide by zero

Error Object: ( )

The display window then opens up, however it is blank. Does anyone know how to fix this?

Thanks, Pat

Stefan June 16, 2003 07:12

Re: Display Error
i had one time a graphic problem but it was related to the graphic card when i remember correctly. i could fix it by starting FLUENT with the following command:

C:\Programme\FLUENT.INC\ntbin\ntx86\fluent.exe -driver msw

(which sets the microsoft display driver as far as i understood) maybe it helps... Stefan

Pat June 16, 2003 10:30

Re: Display Error

That was the problem, I needed to specify the driver. Thanks for the help!!


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