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Shankar June 16, 2003 12:44

multi-component flow-new species?
Hello all,

I am doing a multi-component flow with 2 gases.I have to study the effect of a particular property(say viscosity) of one of the the gases on the fluid flow.

So I changed the value of this property and did the simulation. But I get an error message :

'cell_function_values : unrecognised function : species ...'

How do I change the properties of a species or how do I create a new species that would be recognised by Fluent.

Thanks, Shankar.

emre June 16, 2003 15:11

Re: multi-component flow-new species?
I get no error message when I define a new material, change-create it, then select mixture from material type and edit the mixture species names (just adding or substracting so that species traveling thru the other is the first name in the names list)even after simulation. You may follow these steps if you have not already done so.

Best Regards emre

Shankar June 16, 2003 18:29

Re: multi-component flow-new species?
Yes, I have done that already.

Thanks for your response.

Is your simulation working when you change any of the properties of the component fluids?

cg June 17, 2003 13:33

Re: multi-component flow-new species?
Sounds to me like you have a monitor defined for a species mass fraction (say species-3) which has been disabled. Can you turn off monitors?

Shankar June 18, 2003 16:55

Re: multi-component flow-new species?
Oh thanks !

That was the problem.

Thanks again, Shankar.

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