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nikita June 18, 2003 03:48

volume meshing
hello...i am having a problem in volume meshing.everytime i join 2 volume into one, then i have an error when i am meshing said that i should check the skewness of the face meshes and mesh are too big for small gap...pls advise.

neu June 19, 2003 04:38

Re: volume meshing
* use different mesh sizes * may be your geometry is not connected * use a different way to construct geometry + can you explain a little bit more about your geometry so that a right suggestion can be made

lee June 20, 2003 22:25

Re: volume meshing
Try to connect faces, edges, vertices first. You can use virtual operation. I guess you may have disconnected geometry which create very small gap.

How did you create your geometry?

Rahul June 21, 2003 02:31

Re: volume meshing
Try to change mesh specification while meshing or if very small surfaces result from joining opreration, try to merge them.

Alamgir June 25, 2003 01:34

Re: volume meshing
By which operation u just join them? split or combine? check how many volume are there,, delete volumes if that are uses anyhow.


nikita June 30, 2003 05:11

Re: volume meshing
hello friends..i still have a problem on volume meshing.i draw a small aircraft model and the model will put in the wind i draw the half model of the aircraft, and then create a brick which will be assume as a wind tunnel.the dimension of wind tunnle is (1*1*2.5)M.after creating this two volume, i subtract it in to 1 volume.the problem appeared when i mesh the volume,it said that check the skewness and maybe the face mesh is too big for a small gap..then i shift the position on one part of the aircraft, then, the volume mesh is success..the problem comes again when i try to export to fluent.the error is sound like this: A DEFAULT (UNSPECIFIED) BOUNDARY WAS CREATED ERROR:AN INCORRECT MESH HAS BEEN STORED.CHECK MESH QUALITY BEFORE EXPORT. VOLUME 3 HAS INCORRECT MESH AT FACE FACE63... pls advise

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