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Shane June 18, 2003 22:04

Gambit - Spherical mesh
Hi All,

I am trying to mesh a cylindrical vessel that has a hemispherical indent at one end. I am trying to use a structured mesh. When I do so I always have a number of cells in the area surrounding the hemispherical section which have a skewness of 1.

Does anyone have any ideas how I may be able to reduce the skewness without increasing the cell numbers to significantly.

Thanks Shane

Rahul June 21, 2003 02:13

Re: Gambit - Spherical mesh
Have you tried to decompose the geometry? If not, try out this so that it is possible to get the spherical volume to represent a logical cube. Go through gambit manuals-Volume splitting/Meshing.

lee June 23, 2003 20:39

Re: Gambit - Spherical mesh
For the whole spherical geometry, the best way is divide sphere into 8 equal sub-domain. For each domain uses tri-primitive type and cooper scheme.

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