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winall June 19, 2003 04:49

How ot deal with "Enhanced Wall Function"
hello~~~~is there anybody who has used "Enhanced Wall Function" before?? i want to use this, but don't know how to deal with it, i read help, but it doesn't help. So i want to know if u can help me!


mateus June 19, 2003 06:34

Re: How ot deal with "Enhanced Wall Function"

Enhanced wall function is used if you have some significant phenomenon occuring inside boundary layer (for example back flow). What you have to be carefull about is that you mesh boundary layer region - you need at least 10 (better more) cells inside (y+ should be aproximatelly 1). The problem is that you will get a really big mesh this way and your simulation will be much slower because of that. Think twice before using this aproach - you may not need it at all.

regards MATEUS

ap June 20, 2003 13:11

Re: How ot deal with "Enhanced Wall Function"
If you really need the enhanced wall function approach, try to apply a boundary layer when you generate your mesh in Gambit instead of generating a finer mesh everywhere. This will reduce the number of cells and nodes in your domain.

If your domain is not too complex, you can also try to use a hex mesh, which usually requires a lower number of nodes if compared to thetrahedral meshes.

FLUENT also provide you the y+ adaption tool, which can be of some help, but I think it's better to create the proper mesh directly in Gambit.



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