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whai June 23, 2003 21:35

mass flow + pressure inlet???
There is an inlet, whose pressure is 2atm and mass flow rate is 0.001kg/s. How to set the boundary condition which can include both important information? In other words, is it possible to set this inlet as a mass-flow-inlet and at the same time specify the total pressure or set the inlet as pressure inlet puls mass flow information?

Thanks in advance!


lee June 23, 2003 21:44

Re: mass flow + pressure inlet???
I am not sure if this is correst. You can set mass flow rate inlet, and set operating condition to pressure 2atm.

vladimir krejci June 24, 2003 14:42

Re: mass flow + pressure inlet???
Hi I would suggest. Set the boundary as a velocity inlet and locate and prescribe the reference pressure (in the menu Define->Operating Conditions) at your velocity inlet. It could work what do you mean? Regards

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