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Tomasz Didenko June 25, 2003 05:16

Question on Face Temperature Gradient

I'm a Phd student and I use Fluent software in my Doctor's degree preparation. In my doctoral I do computer modeling and simulation of laser welding and compare this results with experimental cross section of microphotography.In fluent manual, Face Macros haven't temperature gradient vector.I can't add the the _G suffix to access the tempearture gradient something like this -> F_T_G(f,t). Therefoe I'd like to ask how to compute face temperature gradient in UDF.I want to apply this face tempearture gradient to Marangoni phenomenon in specified shear.

Bye bye


Mcgregor June 27, 2003 04:30

Re: Question on Face Temperature Gradient
Hi Tomm,

If you use the F_T_M1 (i think its m1, but check the user guide)this will give you the temperature at the previous time step.

You can then calculate the gradient using (change in y value)/(change in x value).

ie. in your UDF: gradient = (F_T - F_T_M1)/(timestep size)

Hope this helps


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