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Suresh Balasubramanian June 28, 2003 16:40

structured mesh
Hi ,

I want to build a cross-like 3D pipe connection.

What I did was to unite two pipes of same diameter to form a crosslike connection. The problem with that is I am not able to mesh using hexagonal wedge or cooper mesh. I think it is because of the faces formed at the center after uniting the two cylinders.

Any ideas to make such a volume having a structured mesh.

It would be great if you can give some ideas. Thanks, Suresh

Selina Tracy June 28, 2003 19:17

Re: structured mesh
As far as I know, the cooper's algorithm of Ted Blacker's is not fully 3D. Gambit is a crude meshing tool compared to the stand alone preprocessor. Contact them and ask how they meshing cross-pipe. You could even contact fluent. Everybody knows how to make it with all hex. Check the list of the company of the resources section.


Alex Munoz June 28, 2003 19:27

Re: structured mesh

You can do it, because I have seen people who has done this type of mesh before!!

Please, read the paper of Sierra Espinoza F.Z, Bates C.J., O'Doherty T. Turbulent flow in a 90 pipe junction Part 1: Decay of fluctuations upstream the flow bifurcation. Computer & Fluid 29 (2000) 197-213

They explain how to mesh a simmilar domain!!

Best Regards

Alex Munoz

jx June 29, 2003 04:28

Re: structured mesh
There is a 3-pipe joint case fluent tutorial mannual. That case shows how to mesh with hex. You may have a look.


Alex Munoz June 29, 2003 16:00

Re: structured mesh

The Fluent case that mention jx I don't think that you can be used it.

It seems to me that you want to model a T or a + domain, not an intersection of two elbows, which is the case presented for fluent.

Some people cannot realize the complexity of meshing a T pipe domain.

I wish you good luck

Alex Munoz

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