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jx June 28, 2003 19:39

meshing problem with gambit.
Dear all,

I noticed that when I meshed a rectangar face with quadrilateral cells, gambit sometimes generates a wierd mesh for me. See here for an example, In the picture, the mesh in the central rectangar face looks weird.

This happens unpredictably. If I re-mesh the four edges, and then mesh the rectangle, the problem may or may not go away.

Why is this? Can someone tell me please?


lee June 29, 2003 12:11

Re: meshing problem with gambit.
It is really weird. You can check the vertex type, make sure in the rectangular face, all four ends are end type point.

To check and change,

mesh--> face--> set face vertex type

Erwin June 30, 2003 04:05

Re: meshing problem with gambit.
Also make sure the node count on all edges match. I have seen this wacky behavior before, the opposing edges had slighly different cell counts.

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