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Umesh Shah June 30, 2003 10:49

Accumulation at boundary with TRAP condition
Hello all,

I have a surface with boudary condition 'TRAP'. On that surface particle comes and get disapear from the calculation.

Now in real process for which i m trying to make this model, particles get accumulated on that surface with time.

So the question is,

How can I get accumulation rate of particles on that surface which has such boundary condition?

I am using FLUENT 6, DPM . for information.

I hope what i hv written is clear to understand.


Alex Munoz June 30, 2003 16:37

Re: Accumulation at boundary with TRAP condition

I think you can write a file using report>Discrete Phse>Sample

Then you select the boundary conditions that you want to track the particles. Of course, you have to write a UDF (DPM_OUTPUT) if you don't want the default output file, which reports the following variables (positions (x,y,z) velocities(u,v,w), particle diameter, temperature, mass-flow, particle-time, injection ID)

Once you heva get your file you can manipulate the data to generate an accumulation rate.

Best regards

Alex Munoz

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