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Adel July 1, 2003 07:07

Mean mass flow rate
hallo, I am working with the VOF-modell and I want to calculate the mean mass flow rate within a period of time at the outlet during batch calculation mode. Has anybody an idea how to do that? Thanks in advance

ap July 1, 2003 16:18

Re: Mean mass flow rate
Enable the Data Sampling for Time Statistics on the Iterate panel.

Then define define a Custom Field Function in which you specify Q = rho*v_avg*S, where rho is the density of the flow, v_avg is the time averaged velocity (you can find it in the Unsteady Statistics list) perpendicular to outlet and S is the section of outlet (if constant, just insert the value, else omit it: you'll obtain the mass flux instead of the mass flow rate).

To obtain the mean value on the surface, just use the Report->Surface Integral function to obtain a area weighted average of the Custom Field Function you defined.

That's should be the value you're looking for.



Adel July 2, 2003 10:24

Re: Mean mass flow rate
Thank u ap. I'll try it! Ataki

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