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sam July 2, 2003 10:15

Mulitphase Problem
Hello fluent users, i have a multiphase problem and i have never used multiphase before i m new to this,and i need ur help in this matter from u FLUENT guys out there.

Problem Description:

A tank which is full of water and is submerged in water, now what i want to simulate is that tank has an inlet on its upper side ok and has an outlet or drain in the lower side. When i blow air at say some pressure from inlet into the tank which is full of water and i want to remove the water from tank which drains from the outlet. So i want to determine the pressure on the inner walls of the tank due to pressure of air blow and flow rate of water coming out of the tank?

I think i have properly conveyed that problem to u guys Its just an example which i want to perform on this FLUENT software and please guide and tell me can this really be simulated. What should be the boundary conditions and how to model it. Thanks in advance.

mateus July 3, 2003 01:43

Re: Mulitphase Problem

I would do this with VoF multiphase model. For boudary conditions pick velocity inlet or mass flow inlet and pressure outlet. The bad think is you have to do this unsteady - it will probablly take a looooong time. Also you have to know that with VoF actually with any multiphase) model there is a lot of work to get your simulation working properly...try to find some papers on this subject...

Good Luck


mahesh July 3, 2003 10:54

Re: Mulitphase Problem
yes, to simulate this, U have to use VOF method of this. But unfortunately I have not used this. I have used mixture & eulerian. So cant guide u further.

All the best.


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