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Mark July 3, 2003 11:40

Accounting for rotation

I have three pipes connected in series - pipe 1,pipe 2 and pipe 3, with air flowing through them. The air enters the computational domain through a stationary pipe(pipe 1), flows into a rotating pipe(pipe 2) and then into a stationary pipe(pipe 3) to the outlet.

My question is how do I account for the rotating part, do I just set the wall of that pipe rotating or do I set that fluid zone rotating as well?



ap July 3, 2003 11:49

Re: Accounting for rotation
In your system, it's the pipe which rotates, so I'd set only the pipe wall as rotating.



Mark July 3, 2003 12:06

Re: Accounting for rotation
Hi ap,

Thanks for your reply. I did what you advised.

Is there a way of seeing the pipe rotate in post-processing so that I know for sure that the pipe did indeed rotate.

Because the rotation does'nt seem to have had any effect on the flow so I want to be able to ensure there was rotation in the simulation.



ap July 3, 2003 15:40

Re: Accounting for rotation
Considering you're sending air in that pipe, I don't think the pipe rotation has much effect on the flow.

However, you can try to plot vectors to see if some effect is visible in the zone close to the wall.

Anyway, you should look at the "Using the VOF model" tutorial. It's about the VOF model, but it also shows how to use rotating walls.



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