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Rajab Rajab July 3, 2003 13:48

Material in Porous media
Hi all

I am new in using Fluent. I just started using Fluent 6.1 to model reacting flow through a porous media.

I read the fluent manual but till now I failed to do the following

1. specify the material for porous media

2. Porosity of the porous media

3. type of reaction site available

4. creating udf to define my reaction

Please any one have an idea how to handle them. I will be glad if you let me know how I can do all the four task above.

Thanks in adavnce

yee wan July 4, 2003 01:40

Re: Material in Porous media
dear Rajab,

U can specifly the porous meterial and porosity within the boundary condition panel--> fluid.

but i recommend u start from very simply case first, perhap only flow through the pm with any reaction..

Rajiv July 4, 2003 02:00

Re: Material in Porous media

Search this foroum for the keywords Porosity and reactive flows.

you will get much useful information


Rajab Rajab July 4, 2003 13:42

Re: Material in Porous media
Thanks Yee wan and rajiv for the greaat help. But, Still I have one problem specifying species material for surface reactions, I do not know how can I add solid spicies and site species to it. It seems the mixture type of materials does not accept solid type of materials to be added to it..

please help me on it

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