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Umesh Shah July 3, 2003 19:13

begin_particle_cell_loop(p,c,t) ??
Hi everyone,

begin_particle_cell_loop(p,c,t) { } eng_particle_cell_loop(p,c,t)

Is this looping macro available in FLUENT 6.0 ??

Thanks in advance.


Adam July 4, 2003 09:34

Re: begin_particle_cell_loop(p,c,t) ??
Simple answer- No.

You can however define them yourself if you use the definition in the 6.1 header file dpm.h.

This macro is really for use with the spray and pdf models. Are you using UDFs with one of these models? You would be better getting your code upgraded to 6.1.

The necessity for using this macro for other models is uncertain. There is probably a workaround to avoid its use. What do you want to use it for?

Umesh Shah July 4, 2003 09:59

Re: begin_particle_cell_loop(p,c,t) ??
Thank you very much, Adam for your prompt response.

You r right, I want to use this macro for spray model and it is to have a loop over all the particles in each cell of the domain. I need total mass of all the particles in a cell to calculate source for my UDS.

I am trying many different things.

I tried using, C_STORAGE_R(c,t,SV_DPMS_CONCENTRATION), C_STORAGE_R(c,t,SV_DPMS_MASS) macros but not getting results.

Do u hv some idea about?

Thanks again for your help.


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