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pk July 4, 2003 15:59

Help: Compiling UDF
Hi users

needs urgent help. I want to use Compiled UDF with fluent 6.1 for Windows version. I am following the steps given in Manual, it BUILD the liberary properly, as mentioned. But the message is like

'nmake' is not recognized as an internal or external command, operable program or batch file.

Next when I tried to LOAD it, the error appears

Opening library "libudf"... Error: open_udf_library: The system cannot find the file specified.

Error Object: ()

Please give some help


Mehdi ICHO July 7, 2003 08:47

Re: Help: Compiling UDF
hello do you start your udf file with : #include "udf.h"

I think that you must have the header file (udf.h) on the directory containing your udf file.

mehdi icho

pk July 7, 2003 09:11

Re: Help: Compiling UDF
Thanks for reply

I had placed udf.h in same directory. But that doesn't solve the problem.

I tried compilation of UDF both in Linux as well as window.. Both give same error message.

I am clueless as where could be the error..

Thanks for your time.

-- pk

Peter Attar July 7, 2003 15:22

Re: Help: Compiling UDF
Are you sure that the command nmake is a proper command on your system? Perhaps your OS doesnt have that command and you need to use a different make utility(such as gmake or make ) Just a thought...

emma chen July 8, 2003 04:25

Re: Help: Compiling UDF

I think, maybe you need to install "visual c++ 6.0" as a "c" compiler for windows. I remember I also met such error message. But after I installed it, everything is ok. Another thing is: are you sure that you have created all the necessary directories for compiling udf in the correct place? Regards, emma

pk July 12, 2003 13:16

Re: VC++ solved the problem
Dear Peter and emma Thanks for your respone.

I installed VC++ and the files are working fine.

Previously I had Turbo C, which was not useful for Fluent.

Thanks for your Time.


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