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Brendan July 7, 2003 04:07

Fluent Pausing
I have just finished setting up fluent to run in parallel using a mixture of win2k & XP boxes using RSHD (pnet) message passing.

Initial Excution: \\Computer4\FLUENT.INC\ntbin\ntx86\fluent.exe 3d -pnet -path\\Computer4\ -cnf=d:\host3.txt -t1

This seems to work ok, I can rapidly spawn nodes open case files load data, etc. But after iterating for some time (exact time is unknown) the program pauses, whilst it looks like it's running its not using any CPU cycles what so ever on any machine. This state continues indefinitely until i kill fluent.

I have also tried this with two difference case files so it's unlikely to be corrupted data or a case file.

I'm running out of ideas and would love some suggestions, or a solution. Thanks in advance.

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