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Patel Amit R. July 7, 2003 06:38

Search of Fluent User
Respected sir:

I am in search of some FLUENT User, with whome i can discuss re. the setting problem in FLUENT and GAMBIT, personally. it is fine if some one is residing in the INDIA (prefarably in the WESTERN PART OF INDIA).

see you

thank you

Amit R Patel, Research Scholar

cip July 7, 2003 16:39

Re: Search of Fluent User
i can discuss with you but i'm from romania which is far away from india. hope you're not having something against

Patel Amit R. July 8, 2003 02:24

Re: Search of Fluent User
Can you suggest me some suitable date and time for the same. initially i want to discuss how to generate mesh. it is regarding my research project on thernal analysis of a fuel fired hot air generator system.

if possible i request you to give me atleast half an hour. to me any of your proposed time is suitable to me. anticipating your positive responce.

amit r. aptel

Patel Amit R. July 8, 2003 02:30

Re: Search of Fluent User
We can chat on NET re CFD and mesh generation


mahesh July 8, 2003 08:47

Re: Search of Fluent User

U can discuss with me. No Problem.


Patel Amit R. July 9, 2003 02:53

Re: Search of Fluent User

we have generated a jeomatry in PRO/E and imported in the GAMBIT in the form of STEP file format and with all SOLID Option. can you sujjest me how to proceed further. further our jeomatry is very complicated, (number of parts in it). How can i deal with each small individual part.

Can you suggest suitable mode to discuss (address if you are near baroda), time and details of messanger to chat, correspondance address to communicate. Anticipating your positive responce.

i am lecturer at Mechanical Engg. Deptt., Faculty of Technology & Engg., The M. S. University of Baroda, Vadodara

Amit R Patel

cip July 9, 2003 10:51

Re: Search of Fluent User
friday 17.00 romanian time

Amit R. Patel July 9, 2003 11:01

Re: Search of Fluent User
O. K. Done

amit r patel

cip July 9, 2003 11:04

Re: Search of Fluent User


ciprian mincu

i think that it's easyer to speak directly via mail

Amit R. Patel July 9, 2003 11:09

Re: Search of Fluent User
O. K. Done, Please note that, yahoo messanger is convinient to me, will it be ok. i will inform to you first by sending an E-mail on your '', or if you are first to login you send me the message about how to contact you and whidh messanger to log in, hope this is fine.

thank you very much, and the courtcy you have shown to me. thankig you once again

amit r patel,

Patel Amit R. July 10, 2003 03:14

Re: Search of Fluent User
I Understand that Romania is 3.30 Hrs ahead of India based on this i am planning to sit on net at around 17+3.30 i.e. 20.30 Hrs on Indian Time, is it correct or the other way round.

please note this, for any cange in schedule request you to notify on my this mail.

amit patel

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