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damien July 8, 2003 06:59

outflow boudary condition

Why is the outflow boudary condition inappropriate for compressible flow ? In my problem, this condition seems good but the fluid is compressible. Could you help me?


Neo July 8, 2003 23:35

Re: outflow boudary condition
If you want to use outflow BC, you must sure that flow is really out of your domain that means no reverse flow happened.

asif July 15, 2003 00:13

Re: outflow boudary condition
If I am sure of no reverse flow but at the exit flow is supersonic compressible, is it a right choice in this situation, if no then anyother suggestion, thanks

KT July 18, 2003 14:00

Re: outflow boudary condition
No, you can only use pressure outlet for compressible flow simulations.

asif July 23, 2003 04:55

Re: outflow boudary condition
In external flow problems like flow over an aerfoil or on a cone usually before hand one is not known of pressure or velocity at the outlets, then how to use that pressure condition (for the case when I want to take outlet condition exactly at the body end)

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