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Eric July 9, 2003 05:13

Rotating Lime kiln

I'm knew to cfd and fluent and l'd like to know if anyone here has used fluent to simulate the combusting flow field in a rotating lime kiln, taking the rotation into account?

I could use a little help to get me started. Thank you for your time,


olivier July 10, 2003 04:52

Re: Rotating Lime kiln
Hi Eric, In fact, for my PhD work I have modeled a cement rotary kiln with Fluent tools. Therefore, to answer your question, may I suggest to turn on the rotating boundary in your wall boundary condition.

Bye Olivier

Eric July 10, 2003 05:41

Re: Rotating Lime kiln
Hi Olivier,

Thanks for your reply. Just a few questions for you,

1).Should the adjacent fluid zone be set to rotate too, i.e multiple reference frame, or should the fluid be left stationary? This part of the problem has really got me stuck - so many choices which one is right?

2). Does wall rotation make the problem unsteady?

3). Will the post-processing show the rotation of the wall?

Thanks for your help Olivier.


olivier July 10, 2003 09:26

Re: Rotating Lime kiln
hi again? I think that this rotative wall is treated as a wall motion boundary condition and therefore you do not need to have a multiple frame, and it stays a steady state flow field then to illustrate your result you could display the velocity vectors (creat an axis plane). Let me know about your result. Bye Olivier

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