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Umesh Shah July 9, 2003 18:05

Particle size distribution-concentration contours
Hi all,

(((((Fluent6.0,DPM.Inert particle spray.))))

When I use uniform(single) particle size, i can display the contours for DPM concentration at required surfaces.

But if i take size distribution using rosin ramler method,

There is no value returned for DPM concentration and i can not display the DPM concentration contours.

Anybody know why this is so. How can I get this concentration value when i use size distribution.

Thanks for your time.


Patel Amit R. July 10, 2003 04:28

Re: Particle size distribution-concentration conto

I want to estimate the distribution of Soot concentration for Diesel Fuel. where can i get the same, please tell me how to calculate the same (I tries Rosin Ramlet), but i could not understand anything of it.

amit r patel

Ann Luis July 10, 2003 10:29

Re: Particle size distribution-concentration conto
Sir, what size of particles do you use? I am also doing this kind of project, but when I inject small size inert particles, for example, 20nm, all particles are evaporated. I am not sure what happens here, could you tell me how to solve this problem?

hedonists July 22, 2003 14:46

Re: Particle size distribution-concentration conto
Ann, I think it's a problem of Fluent 6.1. particles do not simply evapolate in FLUENT 6.0.

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