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joda July 14, 2003 02:20

some question about FIDAP

I work on my master of science project, and I need fidap in my project. I have started learning it about some months ago.but I have some question,

1-If there is pressure boundary in a problem, for example flow in a straight pipe. (inlet pressure=1.4 and outlet pressure=1 atm) in METRICS units, what is your number when you are using BCFLUX for enering pressure.

2-HOw can you determine that pressure is abslut or gage, if pressure is gage, where do you dtermine atmospheric pressure and which term of head of pressure dose fipost produce?

3-When i want to use USER_SUB command for making fidap.exe and fisolve.exe ,fidap send error message, "there aren't dfport.lib and dfconsol.lib". i enter the following cmmand. (user_sub fidap myfidap myfidap_src.f) I search them in my computer, but i don't find them . NOTE: I use window XP and fortran power station 4.0 Where can i find them?

please help me.

thank you

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