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Pedro July 14, 2003 11:27

Modeling Lifted flames?
i have been trying to model methane combustion ... it is a case of lifted flame ... that means the flame in experiment is formed little far from the burner. i hope this clears the picture. i have not been able to get the lifted flame in fluent calculations. i have tried partially-premixed combustion model. does anybody have suggestion regarding this.

Tom July 17, 2003 15:22

Re: Modeling Lifted flames?
The partially-premixed model is a flamelet based, therefore is not capable of predicting lifted flames. Your best bet is the new Monte-Carlo PDF model in Fluent 6.1 or the EDC model. However, PDF model is quite time-consuming and the EDC model does not perform well for premixed flames. Good luck

Pedro Mateus July 28, 2003 12:21

Re: Modeling Lifted flames?
Ok thank you very much for helping.

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