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Stephen Mattick July 15, 2003 11:56

ISAT error and ddasac failure
I'm trying to use FLUENT v6.1 for some supersonic combustion research and am getting one of the following errors:

(1) Error: isat_table init: xscale must be positive: x=0.000000e+00 This error happens when using the EDC model w/ ISAT enabled.

(2) Error: rmap2: ddasac failure. This happens at varying # of iterations when I use the EDC model w/ direct integration (w/o ISAT).

Any suggestions on fixing the problem would be appreciated.



KT July 18, 2003 13:57

Re: ISAT error and ddasac failure
Try to set the error tolerance lower (e.g. 1e-4 or lower) or use direct integration. If that doesn't work, most likely your case cannot be solved by the solver or it doesn't have a converged solution.

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