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Neo July 17, 2003 00:05

What's wrong? Non-conform mesh problem!!!
I have set all non-conform interface BC and could have a result.But when I left the fluent solver then start fluent again, I could read the .cas file that I saved before but when it "bulding grid" the error message appeared on control window as below:

Error: %si-create-grid-interface: wta(int) Error Object: (sb1-id . 6) . . . . . Error: inquire-adjacent-threads: wrong type argument[1] (thread) Error Object: 0 . .

Then I could't read .dat file that I saved before.

someone know what's wrong? Please give me a hand

Thanks all

jogiravi March 31, 2013 15:00

fluent error
I have same problem but could not get solution.

I have meshed centrifugal pump model in hypermesh 9. then meshed file is exported to gambit for boundary condition. And then simulated in fluent. Whole simulation completes. Then I closed fluent. Then again opened fluent and read case and data file. Now fluent shows error

Error: %si-create-grid-interface: wta(int)
Error Object: (sb1-id . 6)

I can not understand where the problem is. Is it in meshing or grid interface?

Waiting for the reply

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