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Kostas July 17, 2003 07:59

Error message
Is there anybody who knows the following error message?

'Error:>(greater than):invalid argument[2]:wrong type [not a number]'

What does this mean? After some iterations for my study case i receive this msg. Thank you in advance.

Erwin July 18, 2003 12:11

Re: Error message
I have seen this repeatedly. Don't know where it sits exactly, but there is a problem when the solver tried to calculate the residuals. Try reinitializing. Try running a while with continuity equation only, then reinitialize again. Your case is fine, don't worry about that. Could maybe have something to do with large cases (at the limit of 3.5 GB which is limit of address space).

Kostas July 21, 2003 03:47

Re: Error message
Thank you Erwin!

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