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Rajil Saraswat July 17, 2003 12:09

Frustrated Gambit Newbie:Please reply, Urgent
I want half of a rectangle meshed using one mesh size and other half with another mesh size. For this i made a rectangle and added a vertex at opposite sides of the rectangle. I then used edge mesh for the sides of this one one face. Using face mesh gambit happily meshed one half of the rectangle fine but screwed up the other one. The screwed half doesnt come up with straight lines but with disfigured line , basically it doesnt match the vertices on the opposite sides. The mesh is quad and type is map. I always struggle with this thing whenever it comes to gambit , and sometimes i am luck and it draws straight brick meshes. Please tell me what i am doing wrong.

Michelle July 17, 2003 22:36

Re: Frustrated Gambit Newbie:Please reply, Urgent
Let me get this straight.

Are you meshing 1 face(rectangular) with different mesh size on the opposite edge? Or is it a volume and corresponding face? Or is it two adjacent (volume/face) ?

Can you explain what were you trying to do?

Rajil Saraswat July 18, 2003 04:56

Re: Frustrated Gambit Newbie:Please reply, Urgent
No it is basically dividing a rectangle into two squares and meshing these squares with two different mesh sizes. There are no volumes involved. gambit meshes on square properly but doesnt mesh the other square properly. i hope it is clear. Thanks

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