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James Date July 23, 2003 19:08

Gambit - Virtual Geometries (Pro's & Con's)

Please could someone briefly tell me the Pro's and Con's of using the virtual geometry option within Gambit?

I know that using virtual geometries can make meshing difficult problems easier and can help when cleaning up imported geometries.

However, what about when you are creating geometries from scratch in Gambit?

Not being able to use Boolean operations with virtual geometries in Gambit can be a real pain, when you want to solve the flow around; say a complex virtual hydrofoil geometry. Sticking virtual faces together to make virtual volumes can be rather time consuming!

If the geometry had been created as real entity, you could just simply take it away from a simple box and thus solve the flow around it.

Basically, what I'm asking is; are there pitfalls to using virtual geometries further to the ones I have already mentioned above?

Thanks James

zxaar July 24, 2003 06:49

Re: Gambit - Virtual Geometries (Pro's & Con's)
I try to avoid virtual geo as much as possible ..for me they have created more mess than help .... after spending a day or two ..its usual to face error such as : operation not possible becuase real or virtual entity is involved ..or somethign like that ...but since they are there in gambit they will be for some help ..if we know how to use properly (not my cup of tea).

Frank August 2, 2003 07:06

Re: Gambit - Virtual Geometries (Pro's & Con's)
real geomery means: the geometry is made with a good 3d-cad-kernel: ascis (or acsis? :) ). Virtual geometry is programmed from fluent. That means: real is higher level --> use as long as possible.

Steven Smith August 11, 2003 15:46

Re: Gambit - Virtual Geometries (Pro's & Con's)
After a very painful learning process, I experimented with using 100% real geometry - no virtual anything. It required a different approach, but almost all my Gambit problems immediately disappeared! I still believe virtual geometry does have some benefits, but using it introduces the risk of encountering a land mine down the road. So if you are having issues with Gambit crashing and otherwise not working as it should, considering an experiment with only real geometry.

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