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Kostas July 27, 2003 07:41

Failed separation
Hello everybody,

I use VOF the last few weeks in order to model a three phase separator and see the interface of the different phases. However, the solution is converged after some time and no interfaces have been created. Instead of that, the mixture is spreaded all over the separator evenly. I mean that everywhere in the separator the volume fraction of each phase is the same.

I would like also to point out that i enabled gravity from Operating conditions and alos Body forces from the multiphase panel.

But still it seems that faces dont separate.

I hope there would be someone out there that can say something abou that.

Thank you Kostas July 27, 2003 08:50

Re: Failed separation
Hi Kostas Sorry for not responding. Welcome to Fluent-VOF !! It seems like I enjoy when people are facing difficulties in VOF.

If you didn't do ANY mistakes in problem set up in Fluent, definitely the problem is in your geometry (mesh) or time step.

Try yourself the example of VOF of fluent (DO NOT take the mesh already given, make your own, just to check that you can set a vof prob by ur own).

newbie July 27, 2003 20:42

Re: Failed separation
I agree with phd,but I can add that if you have patched the right regions of your domain and you have defined fluids with enough density difference then you must have separation.

Hope this help


Konstantinos Voulgaridis July 28, 2003 09:31

Re: Failed separation
yes, i did that but the mixture is still spreaded evenly in the separator. Thank you both for your advice.

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