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Mavinakere. July 30, 2003 17:28

hanging fan
how would one model a fan hanging from a ceiling wall in fluent? i checked out most of the tutorials and was not happy with the periodic BC example.Can i solve it using axisymmetric problem? if so how? I have to solve as 3D problem.Wiil be glad to hear any suggestions. Thanks,Mavinakere.

cfdweirdo July 31, 2003 09:33

Re: hanging fan
Why were you dissatisfied with periodic BC's? I do not think that you want/need to model the full 360 deg. for this problem. Just model a sector corresponding to one blade and use periodic BC's. Your upstream and downstream sections can be sectors which are circumferentially equivalent to the fan sector, so a Multiple Reference Frame approach would work fine.

Have fun!


Mavinakere July 31, 2003 12:51

Re: hanging fan
The problem with periodic BC is, I cannot make a sector with a comnverging point.Periodic BC cannot be applied where 2 surfaces of a sector meet. And please tell me, could this be solved as axisyymetric problem? using any other BC. Thanks,Mavinakere.

Neo August 3, 2003 22:34

Re: hanging fan
It can't use axisyymetric BC to solve . Because of the flow of the fan is not axisyymetric, so that you can't assume that.Try to model full model to solve your problem.

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