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max July 31, 2003 06:07

DPM question
Hi, everyone I have some problems in using Fluent Discrete Phase Model. What I want to do is to simulate a countercurrent scrubber, that is, gas moves upward and contact with the droplets sprayed from nozzles, which was fixed at some elevation in the tower. For the first step of the work, the chemical reaction between the continuous and discrete phase was ignored and the pressure drop was investigated. Firstly, I got a converged solution of the continuous phase and then 86400 droplets with 10 tries were injected to the field, what confused me was there was little difference between the pressure drop with and without droplets, could you give me some advice? And I want to know what does the ˇ°Number of Streamsˇ± mean when define the injection? How to calculate the number of droplets or streams needed to solve the problem exactly? For example, the mass flow rate is 4800m^3/h, mean diameter of the droplet was 0.002m and the inner diameter of the nozzle is 0.1m, how many droplets were needed to simulate the pressure loss? Thanks in advance!

max August 6, 2003 03:45

Re: DPM question
Could anybody help me?

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