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Farooq August 6, 2003 15:25

Converting 2D mesh to 3D

I am undergraduate student in NUS doing a UROP project which involves the conversion of a 2D mesh created using GAMBIT to a 3D Mesh. The mesh is of osteosarcoma (bone cancer). I have been working on extending a current 2D mesh to 3D mesh and using existing modelling equations from the work of PhD students.

I already have a 2D mesh available. How can I use it to generate the 3D mesh? From what I know of Gambit, I think I have to make the 3D mesh from scratch.

I can make 3D mesh boundaries on my own or should I use existing CAT scans?

In any case, please advice.


Farooq J.A.

Simon Blakey August 7, 2003 05:03

Re: Converting 2D mesh to 3D
Hia Farooq,

I think the easiest answer to your question is "it depends"!

Certainly starting the 3D grids from scratch is more likely to result in a error-free mesh for export to Fluent, and if the geometery of the bone changes in the 3rd dimension this may be necessary anyway.

However, a short cut if you like would be to use the "sweep face" or "revolve face" functions to create a 3d volume from your 2d face.

I don't know wether it is possible to import data from CAT scans into fluent. It is probably possible through some intermediate software such as Pro-Engineer or CATIA. However, most of the experience people in my group have had would tend to indicate that it's easier to start from scratch with a slightly simplified geometery.

Finally, if the shape of the bone is reasonabely regular, then you could consider reducing the problem using symmetery, periodic or axis boundaries, which would reduce the time taken to converge to a solution.

Hope this helps,


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