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AkramKhuzam August 12, 2003 09:02

HEX mesh..HELP!!
Hi all

I am trying to mesh a convergent divergent nozzle by using HEX mesh..I always get the following message:

ERROR:Face face.2 could not be onverted to submappable region..

Any commnet??


ap August 13, 2003 07:35

Re: HEX mesh..HELP!!
If you receive this error, your domain can't be meshed directly using the submap scheme.

What's the form of face 2?

I don't know your exact geometry, however, I suppose it's something like (I don't know how to do curves here :))


/ \

And I also suppose you're working in 3D, right?

If the inlet and the outlet are circular, you can't directly mesh them using the submap scheme, so you have two choices:

1. Use the Pave scheme.

2. Decompose them and then apply the supmap scheme.

If you're working in 2D, you could mesh your domain just specifing the same number of nodes on inlet and outlet. Also you should specify the same number of nodes on the lateral edges. This should allow you to use the supmap scheme.



AkramKhuzam September 1, 2003 06:50

Re: HEX mesh..HELP!!
Thanks ap..

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