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Umesh August 17, 2003 03:31

Import data from another .cas file of fluent
Is it possible to import the data [ BCs, Materials addeed,etc] from one case file of fluent to another case file??

It will of great help as my case involves adding many new species to the materials panels and many other inputs are required.

Or, If I can run the same case file with a modified .msh file from gambit, that can save a lot of efforts.

Please give your suggestion..


thomas August 17, 2003 04:51

Re: Import data from another .cas file of fluent
Hey, Effectively it exists a way to import informations like data, BC ... using different mesh BUT you have to make sure your geometry is EXACTLY the same !

1 - To important BC, material .... : It exists a command in the TUI interface : it is called ' write-bc ' and ' read-bc '. When you use it you have to know it does not take into account the 'CHECK' and the 'SCALE' for your mesh and geometry and it also does not take into account your monitoring set-up to follow the variables during the simulation.

2 - To import data and apply them to another mesh : It exist a command called ' INTERPOLATE ' which gives file with the extension '.ip'. You can use this data file for whatever mesh you want with the same geometry. YOU CAN USE THIS ONLY FOR 2D SIMULATION !!!3D interpolations is not available yet but you can do it by UDF though. You can find this command You can find this command at File>interpolate.

Hope these informaions will help you, thomas

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