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chetan August 18, 2003 05:59

Non-Positive Volume
I have generated a model in proe for a Shell & a tube attached at bottom of shell (Simple Geometry)

Exported as solid in STEP & imported in GAMBIT, applied Grid & Boundary Conditions & exported a mesh for fluent 5/6

While reading in Fluent 6.1 & checking that grid, getting message as "there are non-positive volumes" & checking fails, still I am going for analisys and getting error as diverged solution

I am not able to understand the error, please help me out.

Also how to give grid in shell thickness?? or just to provide a surface as shell thickness??

emre August 18, 2003 17:07

Re: Non-Positive Volume
Hi, When i see that error, i directly go back to Gambit and change the mesh, nothing to do in Fluent. regards emre

ap August 19, 2003 07:00

Re: Non-Positive Volume
Open the mesh in GAMBIT and check all volumes.

This will allow you to understand where the problem is.

GAMBIT will list all volumes which are not valid.



chetan August 19, 2003 07:42

Re: Non-Positive Volume
How to check in Gambit for non valid volumes, can I create a volume for thickness for a tank model imported from PROE as STEP/SOLID?

ap August 19, 2003 14:59

Re: Non-Positive Volume
To check volumes in GAMBIT you have to enter the section to create 3D geometries (click on the cube in the Geometry bar), then right-click on the i icon, and select the Check function (with the V-like symbol).

Click on that button, select all volumes you want to check and click on Apply.

GAMBIT will list all valid and not valid volumes.



nikita August 20, 2003 12:01

Re: Non-Positive Volume
the best solution for this..u do remeshing your drawing...there's some error on ur meshing never give up

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