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kostas August 22, 2003 16:21

data in Tecplot or Excel
How I can make file that, me it will give data in order to I can him import in Excel or in the Tecplot;

ap August 22, 2003 21:19

Re: data in Tecplot or Excel
To read a data file in Excel, you can plot the variable you want choosing the Save to file option. Then open it in Excel: a conversion tool will open automatically and will guide you.



Pat September 20, 2003 14:23

Re: data in Tecplot or Excel
In Fluent you can export your fluent data into tecplot format by choosing

->File->Export File Type is Tecplot Then just select your surfaces and variables.

If you are using a tet or triangular mesh, once imported into Tecplot you should "triangulate" all the zones. This may produce some minor differences in connections, but overall results will be the same. Also, newer versions of Tecplot have a Fluent data loader you might want to check out.


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