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tseo August 22, 2003 19:55

advection-diffusion equation
Hi, I am going to solve coupled navier-stokes and advection-diffusion equation. Is it possible to simulate these equations in FLUENT? If so, please tell me how to imply FLUENT to coupled navier-stokes and advection-diffusion equation. Thanks in advance.

Greg Perkins August 23, 2003 04:39

Re: advection-diffusion equation
By advection-diffusion equation I assume you mean the transport of a scalar due to the flow.

Yes this is possible to do in FLUENT.

Depending on what your scalar is you may be able to use internal standard FLUENT models (eg. species transport) otherwise you can write some C code to define the diffusion term and source term of the scalar when coupled with the flow equations.


Ivan August 25, 2003 04:22

Re: advection-diffusion equation
YES!! you can simulate the advection-diffusion process. I had tried some convection-diffusion for gas-gas and gas-porous media. the result quite good.... but still need to figure out some thing for gas-liquid system....

what version of the FLUENT u used?? FLUNET v6 got some glitch when calculating the concentration, the latest version corrected this glitch already.

best luck!!


tseo August 27, 2003 19:16

Re: advection-diffusion equation
Thank you for your comments. I am trying to simulate the concentration (advection-diffusion equation) coupled with flow (navier-stokes equation). Do I need to write udf program or to use internal standard fluent model? Thank you in advance.

Ivan August 29, 2003 02:02

Re: advection-diffusion equation
Currently i am using the internal code. do u have any similiar experiment result with u problme?? if u have then you may try to simulate the experiment and compare. if the result is quite good, then i believe no need to use a udf...

best luck,


tseo August 29, 2003 05:15

Re: advection-diffusion equation
Thank you for your comments. No, we don't have experimental data. We are going to simulate the concentration of drug in the blood flow. Thus which part of Fluent manual do I have to read? Thank you in advance.

Ivan September 1, 2003 23:33

Re: advection-diffusion equation
under the species transport section.

good luck for u simulation.

somy1 October 24, 2011 04:24


Originally Posted by Ivan
under the species transport section.

good luck for u simulation.

thank u very much Ivan.

hansjoerg February 20, 2013 08:36

simple advection diffusion models
I'd like to come back to the question of solving simple scalar time dependent advection-diffusion equation in Fluent without energy coupling for a static (frozen flow field) e.g. contamination concentration


where c is the concentration and v the fluid velocity

Fluent offers transport models at 3 places
1. Thermal models
2. scalar transport models (UDS)
3. Transport & Reaction

I understand the basic concepts in the Theory Guide but i get confused with all the different options in the menus and options.

Could anyone guide me which model to choose and how to define the different transport parameters.

Thanks a lot in advance.

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