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johnnyb August 25, 2003 17:13

MixSim 1.7 Tutorials
Please bear with me because I'm new to all this! I'm trying to make my way through the Mixsim 1.7 tutorials, but have reached a problem with Tutorial 2 (so I haven't got very far yet!) I have defined the problem, checked the model, set iterations to 3000 and solved the model. However, when I come to read the case and data files from Fluent 4.5 back into Mixsim, I get an error message saying that the .unv file has not been saved. I've looked through the directory and it is true that the .unv file is not there, although it has been saved for the other tutorial I have done. I have then re-solved the problem and within the Fluent console I have saved the .unv file. I have then tried to read this into Mixsim, but I get new error messages. Can someone please put me out of my misery and tell me what I'm doing wrong, please?

The other query I have is about the differences between Mixsim 1.7 and 2.0. Am I correct to think that you cannot solve multiphase problems in 2.0 but you can in 1.7?

Any help, much appreciated.


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