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phil September 3, 2003 09:19

Differences between RNG and RS

I am running an analyses which has swirling flow from a pipe entering a converging cone. When I use the K epsilon RNG model I get a Rankine vortex within the cone however when i use the Raynolds stress model I get a forced vortex. I am struggling to understand why these differences occur. I was hoping that somone may be able to shed some light into why the differences in the models may occur. I cannot get any physical data in order to verify the cfd models. Can anyone reccomend a good text of source of information which may help me decide which vortex is the most likely result

Ale September 5, 2003 06:36

Re: Differences between RNG and RS
Hi, I'm not expert in the subject, but I think you could have a look at the paper:

Vortex breakdown: a review Progress in Energy and Combustion Science Volume: 27, Issue: 4, 2001, pp. 431-481 Lucca-Negro, O.; O'Doherty, T.

Moreover, you could have a look at some fundamental books on turbulence and turbulence modeling, such as:

Turbulent flows, by S. Pope

Turbulence modeling for CFD, by David C. Wilcox



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