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venu September 4, 2003 15:27

discrete phase model
hallo all i want to do some nozzle spray simulations using discrete phase model do any one provide some examples other than modeling evaporating liquid spray which is available in fluent help. thanks venu

cp September 4, 2003 17:43

Re: discrete phase model
what kind of simulations u r planning to do? do u plan to do combustion of sprays? or evaporation only? and, whats ur fuel?

venu September 5, 2003 01:21

Re: discrete phase model
Thanks for your reply I am trying evaporation of water droplets in air.I need some examples which explain the discrete phase boundary conditions giving injections(sprays)and initializition of dpm .if you had any example that could be a great help thankyou venu

cp September 5, 2003 18:56

Re: discrete phase model

For injections, you can choose to use any one of FLUENT's in-built atomizer models such as air-blast atomizer, plain orifice type, etc. See sec. 19.4.1 of manual for Ver 6.0. If you are looking for the governing equations and validation cases, you can refer to the following papers:

Faeth, G.M. (1983), "Evaporation and Combustion of Sprays," Progress in Energy and Combustion Science, Vol. 9 pp. 1-76.

Solomon, A.S.P., Shuen, J-S., Zhang, Q-F., and Faeth, G.M., (1985), "Measurements and Predictions of the Structure of Evaporating Sprays," Transaction of the ASME, Journal of Heat Transfer, Vol. 107, pp. 679-686.

Hope this helps!

Good Luck,


ismailbaila December 28, 2011 07:52

Discrete phase modeling for rain on airfoil
Hi, every one, I want to simulate rain effects on airfoil in subsonic flow conditions. can some body tell me any example in fluent relevent to that. and how to define boundary coditions for rain, point properties for first and last position for injection etc

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