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Mazyar September 5, 2003 15:48

Porous Media
Hi, I am a beginner in porous media.

I wanted to know: - What type of boundary I should use for the interface of a porous zone and major fluid zone? -Is it necessary to use "Porous Jump" ? or just activating the porous option in the "Fluid Zone" will suffice?

Thank you. Mazyar

Jin-Wook LEE September 7, 2003 20:08

Re: Porous Media
You do not need any boundary condition between 'fluid zone' and 'porous zone'.

Sincerely, Jinwook

Ivan September 8, 2003 04:39

Re: Porous Media
ya, not need any special boundary condition for the interface.

The porous jump mainly act as the performable plate.

anyway, the interface between the porous media and any pure fluid adjact to it may define as interior or internal. Thus can be found in Gambit.

have fun.


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