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Samuell September 9, 2003 22:27

Validation of shear mixing layer using kwsst

We are doing a validation case on free mixing shear layer flow with your

software using a 2d grid so it can be compared with Liepman and Laufer experimental results. There is a problem accourding the boundary conditions on the domain.

the validation problem is using an input file with a function of U/Ustream = 0.5+(0.5*tanh10n), where 0.2>n>-0.3 at the inlet. the problem when this case is simulated is that there will be a reverse flow allways on the lower part pof the domain just after the inlet 0>n>-0.3.

The boundary conditions used are symmetry on the top and bottom , velocity inlet at the inlet and outflow at the end of the domain.

The problem used for the mixing shear layer is using a structured mesh.
: The points used at the inlet are 101 points at the upper part and 151 at the
: lower part. Accourding to my input file, it is showing me the right shape so i
: dont think this is the problem.
: Let me explain you the shape of the domain.
: It starts at the inlet with coordinates (1,0.2), (1,-0.3) and (10,2),
: (10,-3)at the outlet
: w
: q
: i---------------------------c y=0 (along this line)
: a
: b
: x=1 x=10
: q and w are connected
: a and b are connected
: the line qi have 101 point while ia have 151 points and since the mesh is
: structrured the lines wc have the same points as qi and cb same as ia.
: on the three lines qw, ic and ab have 200 points each.
: the reverse flow starts at the lower surface just behind the line ia (just
: some distance behind)
: the boundary conditions are set to be qw and ab symmerty
: qi and ia velocity inlet (input profile)
: and finaly wc and cb are pressure outlet. Best regards Samuell

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