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Paul September 10, 2003 23:05

Heat flux UDF problem

I have a 3D domain...which is bascially a partial clyinder cut at along the axis. I am trying to write a UDF for the heat profile over the top and bottom surface.The heat flux equations for the 2 surfaces are related to each other and are obtained by solving a set of non linear equations...for which i have written a newton raphson function. I call this function in the two F_profile macros for the heat fluxs....i interpret the udf...however on assigning it as the boundary condition gives me a Fatal error

The problem exists due to calling newton function in the macros...

If anybody has any clue on that....please help.


Mcgregor September 11, 2003 06:13

Re: Heat flux UDF problem
Hi Manan,

I have had similar problems when trying to assign certain UDFs. The problem occured for me when i assigned it to an interior zone. I changed it to a wall (coupled wall) and the problem didnt recurr

Good Luck


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