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Jack T September 10, 2003 23:37

GAMBIT: Merging of 2 pipes problem
I have done 2 pipes using cooper scheme mesh and now i need to join 1 pipe at a small angle to the longer pipe in the middle. How can this be done? I have tried to split one volume with another, but the cooper mesh will be deleted and i cannot re-mesh it. I really need help on this, please respond, thanks.


Mcgregor September 11, 2003 06:10

Re: GAMBIT: Merging of 2 pipes problem
Hello Jack,

I think that you would be better to remove the 2 meshes from the pipes and then 'merge' the volumes prior to meshing.

You will not be able use the cooper scheme for meshing, but if i understand the problem correctly then when you try to merge the meshed pipes, you are trying to modify previously meshed elements.

Once the geometry is merged, mesh using Tetrahedral elements. You can predefine surface meshes using triangular elements

Good luck


ap September 11, 2003 08:07

Re: GAMBIT: Merging of 2 pipes problem
When you do a logical operation on two meshed entities, GAMBIT automatically remove the mesh from the involved geometry.

Just join the two pipes and then mesh them. I agree with Mcgregor, when he suggests to use a thetrahedral grid.



Alamgir September 30, 2003 02:50

Re: GAMBIT: Merging of 2 pipes problem
There is another way to use cooper scheme.

Make two geometries then merge it. Make another pipe (bigger) with same size and place in the same place where previous one placed then split the merged geometry with the new one, now u have two volumes. Now mesh the large pipe with tretrahedral and small one with cooper scheme.

If you want further: before meshing devide the large pipe into three pieces (middle portion would be as small as it covers the joint surface) then use cooper for the small pipe and in two end sections of the large pipe, and tretrahedral for the smallest one.


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