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solomon September 12, 2003 17:43

udf more than one
I am traying to use two different udf's in a simulation. One udf for viscosity and the other for inlet velocity.

The udfs are intepreted succesfully but I can not load both of them when I open the case file. Onle one of the two udfs loads.

Thank You solomon

dw September 12, 2003 20:38

Re: udf more than one
Hi, you can intepret only one udf file at one time. If you want to have two functions, put them in one file even if they are of different kinds.

solomon September 13, 2003 15:53

Thank You
It works!

Thank You


chiph September 14, 2003 00:55

Re: udf more than one
You can use [Define -> User Defined -> Functions -> compile...] to have many functions you want, put them in one file to compile.


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