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prasanth September 14, 2003 08:33

URGENT!!(multiphase model)
hello friends,

Can we model axisymmetric domain for analysing multiphase problem.i.e. a cylindrical (cryogenic liquid h2 storage) tank filled with liquid upto some level and occupied by its vapor in the upper space. the tank is closed one. i am using mixture model to simulate evaporation at the liq-vap interface due to heat-inleak from the walls . otherwise do we have to take 3d geometry itself??? i appreciate a quick reply.

Thanks and regards Prasanth

ap September 15, 2003 07:00

Re: URGENT!!(multiphase model)
If you don't have computational limits, use a three dimensional model. This way you don't risk to impose non physical symmetry conditions.

Remember that, if your domain is really big, you can decide to scale it.

Hi :)


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