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Max September 15, 2003 17:31

Dynamic Meshing
I am trying to write a dynamic mesh UDF. I've referred to Chapter 5 "Dynamic Mesh Macros for UDF" of the Dynamic Mesh Manual for help. The example can also be found in 4.5.3 of the Fluent manual. When compiling the cantilever beam example UDF, which uses the "define_grid_motion" UDF, I get a compiling error: "structure reference not implemented". I would assume that the example in the manual should not have any errors in it and would compile. Any help is greatly appreciated!

Pat September 20, 2003 14:13

Re: Dynamic Meshing
I ran into a lot of problems when trying to use the UDF guide for dynamic meshing. I finally got my runs to work by simply calculating the location of each node point (x,y) and then directly redefining the location.

To move a node to (3,2) I used: NODE_X (v) = 3.0 NODE_Y (v) = 2.0

where v = F_NODE (f, tf, n);


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