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zhou September 17, 2003 19:21

about the information of cell or grid
Hi,everone I want to know how to identify the arrangement of cells or grids in FLUENT. I want to use this information to solve the differential equation by my source code. It is like using c(i+1,j)+c(i,j)+c(i-1,j)to discretize the differential equation. However, i don't know how to get the c(i+1,j),c(i,j)and c(i-1,j). All i can see in FLUENT is the pointer that points to cells and faces. I can not extract the cell identity and do some operation like i mentioned above. I need your help. Thanks.

thomas September 18, 2003 06:47

Re: about the information of cell or grid
HI, Could you explaina little bit more you source code ? Make sure you source code can be applied to unstructured mesh ? It means no possibility of (i,j) matrix consideration for cells arrangements.

Let me know if that helps you; cheers thomas

ap September 18, 2003 09:35

Re: about the information of cell or grid
If your differential equation can be rewritten in the standard form supported by FLUENT for UDS, you had better to solve it this way.

Hi :)


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