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zhou September 20, 2003 16:50

How to add an ion species
Hi, I am going to model an electrolyte flow in channel. I also need to solve the species transport equation. So first i must create my own species in material panel,but the some of property of ion (K+ or OH-) is not available. The property includes density or viscosity. My mixture is K+,OH- and H2O. The properites of mixture needs the property of each species. My question: I want to know if FLUENT can solve electrolyte flow problems and if FLUENT can define the ion species. How to find a way to solve it? Thanks.

Andrew Garrard September 25, 2003 05:10

Re: How to add an ion species
If you define the viscosity of a mixture as one of the mixing laws then you can specify the vicosities of each of the speices in that mixture.

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